The pool blanket that is easy to use... will be used.

Pool Cover Reels- Automated Reel Systems

"The Pool Cover that is easy to use, will be used." Alta's Automated Pool Cover Reel Systems make it easy for your staff to cover and uncover the pool, saving time and making sure the job gets done, so the energy savings are realized.

pool cover reels

Alta's easy to use, automated reel products include:

Alta Pool Cover Reels and Deck Automated Reel Systems are stainless steel, with all electronics and motors in non-metallic, waterproof enclosures that completely eliminate corrosion. The only commercial swimming pool reels that offer one-touch functionality, Alta pool cover reel systems deploy and retract large pool blankets (commercial pool covers) at the push of a button - in less than two minutes.

To see video demonstrations of our automated reel systems, click here.

Pool cover reel systems

Power Winder for deck pool cover reels

The Alta Power Winder is designed to power your existing pool cover reel system. Made of stainless steel and featuring automated functionality, the Power Winder makes the normally painstaking, manual process of deploying and retracting your pool fast and effortless. For more information on the Power Winder, please contact us.